David Beckham’s Dog Sleeps in Rs 4 Lakh Louis Vuitton Blanket, Internet Can’t Take Eyes Off

When it comes to the Beckhams, even the pet dog lives a life of style and luxury. And if a pictures of ‘Olive’, David and Victoria’s pet pooch, is anything to go by, she sure is living it up as a true blue (really brown) celeb pet.

Making fashionistas jealous, the cocker spaniel has been going viral on the internet and not just for her cute snout. In a photo posted by Victoria Beckham on her Instagram account recently, little Olive can be seen snoozing on David’s chest.

While the photo itself is uber cute, what grabbed eyeballs instead was the luxurious red blanket that the furball was wrapped in. Not to anyone’s surprise, the blanket turned out to be an original Louis Vuitton number with a market price of just above Rs 4 lakh.

The picture has garnered a range of responses from Posh Spice’s followers. While some admired the dog’s chic style, many observed that spending so much money on a pet’s accessories was a waste of precious funds that could be used to actually help others in need.

However, those who know Victoria and David Beckham would know that the power couple are always branded and do not shy away from expressing their unique, and very expensive, style whenever possible.

Meanwhile, Twitter could not help but react to the dog’s spoilt life.

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