BJP MP Introduces Private Member Bill Seeking Ban on Non-veg Food at Official Events

New Delhi: BJP MP from West Delhi, Parvesh Sahib Singh, has introduced a Private Member Bill for the government to cut out non-vegetarian food in all the functions, meetings and events organised by the government of India.

“Consumption of non-veg foods not only causes rampant abuse and killings of animals but also has devastating environmental impacts. Germany has also introduced for the same reason as we have given,” he told News18.

He said that PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animal) had also recommended the Indian government to take this initiative.

In the statement of object and reason Singh has said that animals are made to go through gruesome treatment involving genetic manipulation, drug regimen mutilation. “This goes by vehemently against the laws and ethics of animal protection and conservation.”

He said that the meat industry has devastating impact on environment and climate change.

“It is urgent for the government to take necessary steps and make its own contribution,” he said.

Singh also cited scientific research for the need to embrace. “A United Nations environment program report by international panel of sustainable report management has said that lesser consumption of animal product is necessary to save the world from worst impacts of climate change.”

Elaborating further on this, the statement said that another report by United Nations Food and Agriculture organisation has highlighted how livestock sector puts tremendous pressure on water resources, land use and greenhouse gas emissions.

He has given reasons for the Bill by pointing out that “livestock covers 30% of the entire land surface. Livestock sector is usually responsible for water pollution and those leading to eutrophication and degeneration of coral reefs,” said his official note.

He said that the bill was aimed to make an effort towards environment friendly practice.

“This shall be an effort from the side of the government to claim a positive stake in environment conservation and prevention of climate change,” he said.

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