After ‘Unceremonious’ Exit, Govt Asks ex-CBI Chief Alok Verma to Join Work for a Day Today

New Delhi: The Home Ministry has directed deposed CBI director Alok Verma to join the new office he has been transferred to. The move comes after the high-power selection committee chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi moved him out of his previous post.

According to a report in The Indian Express, the ministry had sent a letter to Verma two weeks after the deposed CBI chief told the Department of Personnel and Training to consider him retired. However, just a day before the date of superannuation as director, the Home Ministry wants him to join the new office.

“You are directed to join the post of DG, Fire Services, Civil Defence & Home Guards immediately,” the reported stated quoting the MHA letter sent to Verma. This would mean that Verma joins for a day.

The report said that the Home Ministry’s reply was in response to a request by Verma to consider him superannuated from January 11 after he was moved out of the post of CBI Director by the high-power selection committee chaired by PM on January 10.

As he had attained the age of superannuation from government service on July 31, 2017 and crossed the superannuation age for DG Fire Services, Civil Defence & Home Guards, he wanted to be superannuated from the day he was moved out of CBI.

He said that he “was only serving the Government as CBI Director until January 31, 2019 as it was a fixed tenure role”. The tenure of CBI Director is fixed for two years.

Verma was first moved out of CBI by the government in October on the recommendation of CVC but was reinstated by the Supreme Court in January. After the Supreme Court order, the selection committee, with a majority of 2-1, asked him to join the residual term of CBI Director as DG Fire Services, Civil Defence & Home Guards.

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