Nitin Bali, Prominent Remix Singer of ‘90s, Dies in Road Accident

Nitin Bali, one of the most successful exponents of the remix era in Bollywood, has died in a road accident. He was a popular during the ‘90s and many of his songs like Nele Neele Amber Pe and Na Jaane Kahan Kho Gaya were chartbusters. He was 47 and married to TV actor Roma Bali.

As per a Spotboye report, Bali met with an accident on Thursday morning. While travelling from Malad to Borivali, his car hit a divider. He was immediately rushed to the hospital where he was given the basic treatment. He received stitches for his facial injuries and then he was sent home.

After reaching Malad, he suddenly started vomiting blood and his blood pressure dropped. Soon, his heart beat rate dropped and then he collapsed. He was brought to the hospital, but was soon declared dead. As per Spotboye, Bali’s niece has confirmed the news.

Bali was one of the initial singers who tried their hands in the growing market of remixed songs. His remixed version of song Neele Neele Amber Pe, which was originally used in 1983 film Kalaakaar starring Kunal Goswami, became an instant hit and started an era of similar songs. ​

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