Missy Elliott Pays Tribute to Aaliyah

Los Angeles: Rapper Missy Elliott paid tribute to singer Aaliyah with an emotional video on her 17th death anniversary.

Elliott tweeted the video in which she can be seen penning a heartfelt note to the artiste, who died in a plane crash on August 25, 2001, reports people.com.

“Aaliyah, we miss you so much,” she wrote, with a frown face added for extra emphasis, “but your legacy will live on forever and ever”.

Elliott then pans the camera over to a pile of clothes decorated with Aaliyah’s name and face.

“Aaliyah (Baby girl) I can only imagine how great you would be today winning Oscars and creating sick music and still setting fashion trends,” Elliott captioned the brief clip.

“Your mom and brother and your fans been holding it down for you. You will always be a one in a million. Sleep peacefully angel baby girl.”

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