The amendment of Companies Act in 2013 introduced guidelines that marked the beginning of a change of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) landscape in India. This led to increased participation of corporate in social responsibility initiatives and enhanced CSR governance.

Forward-thinking companies understand that corporate social responsibility (CSR) is not only about “doing good” A well-designed CSR program increases the significance of the business itself, by not only creating improved conditions for the community as a whole. In today’s marketplace, well-organized, well-executed CSR activities are critical factors in driving business improvement, brand engagement, customer loyalty and employee retention.

Confederation of Indian Industry- Odisha organized a Corporate Social Responsibility CSR- Conclave today at Hotel Mayfair Lagoon, Bhubaneswar. It was to build in a dialogue between district administration, Industry and civil society to discuss the action plan for impactful CSR in the state.

Niti Aayog has identified 115 backward districts as aspirational district in which Odisha has 8 districts. Confederation of Indian Industry as the apex industry body of the country has taken the responsibility to report back on industry CSR intervention in these said district as well as create a district level consultative committee with said stake holders

Dr T K Chand, Immediate Past Chairman chaired the conclave and highlighted that “bringing Smile to millions” is major corporate social responsibility of all industries working in India. Around 50,000 crore was the estimated expenditure under CSR in the country. He also highlighted he is happy to chair confederation of Indian Industry initiative to quantify CSR and its Impact, in and around aspirational districts of the State.

Mr Bimal Mishra, CEO of RSB Metaltech Pvt. Ltd spoke about MSME – CSR compliance. MSMEs are equally responsible towards making living conditions better for their employees and their families. But MSMEs do not realize that CSR is the only way through which the company can achieve a balance of economic, environmental and social goals. As we move ahead in the 21st century – India can achieve its dreams, and turn its burgeoning young population into an asset only if each company big or small takes on responsibility for social, educational and environmental upliftment at large.

Justice B K Mishra, Chairperson of Odisha Human Rights Commission said that industries should engage in impactful CSR under the peripheral development plan, so that displaced and project affected people are happy with Industry, even thrust should be given on sustainable development.

Mr S S Upadhyay, Chairman, North Odisha Zonal Council, Mr B.K, Director HR- Nalco and Ms Seema Tiwari – Former CSR Head of – Godrej and Boyce Mfg. co spoke in the inaugural session.

Around 50 CSR heads of national organization joined hands with 40 implementing partners with 8 district representative to prepare a convergence action plan for the State.

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