‘Jeans in Delhi, saree in rural areas’, BJP neta’s sexist jibe at Priyanka Gandhi Vadra

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Harish Dwivedi on Sunday made a sexist remark on Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and said that she only wears jeans and top when she stays in Delhi but comes wearing a saree and sindoor while visiting rural areas.

He began his rant by saying both Rahul Gandhi and his sister Priyanka are failures before taking a sexist swipe at Priyanka.

“Jab Priyanka Gandhi Delhi mein rehti hain toh jeans aur top mein rehti hai aur jab shetra mein aati hain toh saree aur sindoor laga kar aati hain. [When Priyanka Gandhi stays in Delhi, she wears jeans and top. But when she visits rural areas, she comes wearing a saree and sindoor]”

Harish Dwivedi was speaking in Basti district in Uttar Pradesh.

Dwivedi is the latest in a line of BJP leaders who have come up with obnoxious comments about Priyanka Gandhi Vadra since her appointment as Congress’ general secretary for eastern Uttar Pradesh.

In January, Bihar minister Vinod Narayan Jha said that Priyanka was beautiful but had no political achievement or talent. “Votes cannot be won on the basis of beautiful faces. Moreover, she is the wife of Robert Vadra who is accused of involvement in a land scam case and several corruption cases. She’s very beautiful. But other than that she holds no political achievement or talent,” Jha was quoted as saying by ANI.

BJP MP Subramanian Swamy said that Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi was bipolar and is not fit to lead a public life.

Another BJP politician, Kailash Vijayvarigya, said the Congress wanted to contest polls by banking on “chocolatey” faces. “Somebody takes Kareena Kapoor’s name while others ask for Salman Khan. Now they have brought in Priyanka Gandhi,” he said.

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