‘If Modi returns, Amit Shah will be Home Minister’, says Kejriwal in Goa

‘If Modi returns, Amit Shah will be Home Minister’, says Kejriwal in Goa
‘If Modi returns, Amit Shah will be Home Minister’, says Kejriwal in Goa

Delhi Chief Minister and National Convener of the Aam Aadmi Party ArvindKejriwalsaid AmitShahcould become India’s nexthomeminister.

Addressing a public rally in the state, where the party is contesting both Lok Sabha seats and three of the four assembly seats in the bypolls, Kejriwalsaid it wasn’t an exaggeration that the current elections are a battle to save thecountry.

“If Modi becomes the PM (again), thenAmit Shah will become the home minister. Last timeAmit Shah did not contest the Lok Sabha election. Now he is contesting from Gandhinagar. And just think what will happen to the country if Shah becomes the next home minister.”

The Delhi chief minister claimed that Goa’s economy will take a hit if the BJP president Shah actually becomes the home minister.

The Delhi chief minister said Goais fortunate that there hasn’t been any mob lynching. This, he said, would change if the BJP returned to power at the centre.

“If there are even three mob lynchings inGoa, touristswillstop coming andthinkhow that will affect Goa’s economy, your jobs and businesses,”Kejriwal said.

He also sought to draw a parallel between Nazi Germany’s leader Adolf Hitler and the BJP.

“2019 is do or die election to save India and the Constitution. In 1931, Hitler became the Chancellor of Germany. After three months of becoming Chancellor, he changed Constitution and stopped elections,”Kejriwalsaid.

“The BJP is following the model of Adolf Hitler’s Germany, where Narendra Modi wants to be PrimeMinisterfor life,”Kejriwal said.

Kejriwalalso claimed there was a nexus between Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan, who recently said that a return of the Narendra Modi government would be better for India Pakistan relations, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“Imran Khan says Modi should be PM. What is cooking between Imran Khan andModi? Why is Imran Khan concerned? Why does he want Modi to win? Pakistan will never get a better PM thanModi, who is poisoning India. What Pakistan could not do in 70 years, Modi and Amit Shah have done in five years by dividing India society,”Kejriwal said.

Goavotes on April 23 with two Lok Sabha seats up for grabs as well as four state assembly bypolls. The results of all six seats will be declared on May 23.

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